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We are an importer, distributor and broker representing a global selection of fine wines statewide in California. We offer wines from 12 countries and three US states. Our mission is to carefully curate a portfolio of wines that are faithful to their origin (appellation), balanced, and exceptional values no matter their cost.
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Most of our imported wines are selected by Master Sommelier Fran Kysela, who has consistently been recognized as one of the best importers of value-oriented wines working in the US today. He is also the source of some of the most sought-after, cellar-worthy wines from France, Spain, and Italy.

Our domestic offerings are predominantly small or micro-production wines made by accomplished wine makers working with some of the west coast’s finest vineyard sites. Some are established veterans of the wine business; some are just now blazing their own trail. All embody the acid-driven, food-friendly zeitgeist of the cutting edge of domestic wine production. Philosophically and stylistically, each of these producers syncs seamlessly with Authentic Wine Selections’ import portfolio and with the palates of the founding partners.

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Voix de la Vinge
2014 >

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Serendipity -

Noun \  Luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for. A "fortuitous happenstance" or "pleasant surprise".
Spanish explorers tried to conquer Point Conception for hundreds of years before successfully traversing the convergent currents, heavy winds and rough seas, in the search for glory and gold.
Point Conception is the only place in the contiguous United States where the sun can be seen to rise and set over the Pacific Ocean, as the coast runs due north to San Francisco, and due east to San Diego.
The Point Conception headland creates a giant funnel for cold, prevailing onshore northwest marine air flow. The cold Pacific Ocean is a heat sink and temperature buffer, providing a cooling effect in summer and warming effect in winter.
The jutting topography and extreme marine influence creates summer days in the mid 60s F. and pinot noir bud break near the end of February, with grape harvests in mid October.
Point Concepcion and Cargasacchi Wines are grown only in the unique east-west transverse valleys that channel the Pacific’s influence through these, open, west-facing, maritime throats of Santa Barbara County and the Sta. Rita Hills.


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